About - Viking Jewelry Life


Viking Jewelry Life brings you affordable variety - from petite to very bold - of Nordic & Viking jewelry.  Each jewelry piece that is selected for our collection comes from the world's best jewelry manufacturers.

Our small family-owned business has decades of passion for everything Viking/Norse and Norse Mythology due to our Scandinavian heritage. We feel that the Viking spirit is as alive today in Modern Vikings, as it was in the fearless and adventurous explorers during the Viking Age.

We believe that knowledge is the greatest power that an individual possesses and continually learning and sharing help keep these convictions strong and not forgotten. Each and every one who has an open mind and an open-heart is welcome to join us on this journey of discovering the traits within themselves that make them a Modern Viking!

We are based in the United States and we bring you the best Viking related jewelry, accessories and key chains from around the world to you.

If there's anything you want to ask please email us on support@vikingjewelry.life