Snap Button Jewelry & Accessories - Viking Jewelry Life

Looking for a unique gift or the latest interchangeable jewelry trends?  Then you want Snap Button Jewelry and Accessories.  The options are endless with Snap Button jewelry.  You select the type of jewelry you want:  necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings or accessories and you simply can place and remove the Snap Button to fit your mood or outfit.  Snap buttons can be purchased individually or in sets.  The most popular sizes are 18/20 mm and 12mm, which fit the jewelry or accessory requiring that size.  They allow you to go from grungy Skulls to  inspirational messages to classic rhinestone high fashion.  They are truly a unisex design and can be customized according to the type of jewelry or accessory that is chosen and the type of Snap Buttons that can be popped-in in a second.