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Norse 2 Wolf (L&S) Stainless Steel Stone Red Blue or Black Pendants & Chain 45-60 Unisex

In Norse Mythology of the Vikings, there were two prominent Wolves that accompanied Odin:  Geri and Freki.  Odin had Geri and Freki teach the first humans he created to hunt, how to cooperate, how to defend themselves and how to care for their families.

It seems only fitting that a husband and wife or two close friends or family members wear these two necklaces.  These wolves are a symbol of that bond and of self-reliance; both having the same objective of teamwork and family.  

You will love these detailed quality stainless steel necklaces.  They come in a choice of blue, red or black rhinestones and a choice of no chain or varying chain lengths.

These necklaces are perfect for the Norse Mythology or Viking lovers, Nature lovers or those with the last name of 'Wolf / Wolfe'.  Keep both or gift one to a friend; they are unique and beautiful.

Item Type:  2 Necklaces
Fine or Fashion: Quality Fashion Stainless Steel
Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Gender: Men Women Unisex
Pendant Size: 5cm+6.5cm (approx. 2 inches Small & 2-1/2 inches Large)
Chain Type: Link Chain
Shape\pattern: Animal Wolf Head
Material: Glass rhinestone
Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Style: Viking  Norse Mythology  Nature Lover  Wolf Lover  Collector  Classic
Chain diameter: 3mm
Length: selectable
Bigger wolf length: 2.5inch (6.5cm)
Smaller wolf length: 2inch (5cm)

0 = No Chain 

Chain Lengths :  45-45 (both 18 inches)  45-50 (18" & 20")  45-55 (18" & 21-1/2")  45-60 (18" & 23-1/2")  50-50 (both 20")  50-55 (20" & 21-1/2")  50-60 (20" & 23-1/2")

55-55 (both 21-1/2")  55-60 (21-1/2" & 23-1/2")  and 60-60 (both 23-1/2")

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