House Ware Viking Thor Hammer (Mjolnir) Stainless Steel Bottle Opener in Gold or Silver Home Decor

You can now have the power of Thor in the palm of your hands with this stainless steel Mjolnir bottle opener!  


Mjolnir was Thor's powerful hammer which was capable of defeating giants, foes and other Gods.  It was said to be so strong that it could level mountains with just one strike.    While this bottle opener won't do that, it can open up any bottle with it's easy to use design!  You can choose between Gold and Silver variants depending on your tastes!

You won't find this item in any store!  If you are a Modern Viking, a studier of Norse mythology or a fan of Marvel superheroes, this a must buy item!  


Type: Bottle Openers
Feature: Stocked ,Eco-Friendly
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Color: Gold .Sliver
Weight : 135g
Size : 16.5*7*4.7 cm

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